Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The House on Maple Street

Congratulations Emily on winning the Blogging Tiger Award for Writing! Here is the story Emily wrote. You can also find it on the Mr C's Class Blog.
The House on Maple Street

"Oh no!" Bell says, "Stay away!" she was very scared as a robber is in Bell's house. The robber grabbed Bell and ran to the creepiest house on Maple Street.

"Ms. Bell? Ms. Bell?"

"Huh?" Bell says yawning, waking up in math class.

"What does h equal in 4 times h equals 16?" she looked at Bell doubtfully

"4 times h equals 16 oh, um h equals 3?" she said trying to remember. She heard giggling from the class mates behind her.

"Incorrect. To be correct h=4. Were you sleeping again? If you weren't you would know that I just told you what h equals." Mrs. Patron asked already knowing the answer. Bell heard some whispers across the room. Great Isabella she thought

"Yes, Mrs. Patron…….."

They heard the bell ring that cut off Bell.

She walked down the hallway; Bell heard some snoring, then giggling. She felt miserable. She got out the door realizing there was some snow on the ground. She passed the house she was dreaming about, which were 2 houses away from hers. When she got home she heard some screaming upstairs. She threw my bag on the couch and ran upstairs to find her little brother Simon's hand stuck in a mouse trap.

"What are you doing?" Bell said yelling. Simon's face was wet from tears. He was still whimpering. She carefully took the mouse trap, untangling his fingers.

"Don't ever touch this again ok? I thought you broke a leg or something!" she exclaimed.

6 hours later it was time to go to bed. she have to share a bunk bed with Simon. Luckily she gets top bunk.

"No put me down!" she screamed the bandit got to the house and the house shot from the ground like a rocket ship. It was a perfect lift-off. "I'm in space oh, no." The robber put some rope around her face so she could not talk. She hummed something trying to get something out. He just pulled more tightly. A tear fell from my eye. I cannot believe I am crying. She thought to herself. I need to get home before mom thinks I'm off wondering somewhere.

She saw all the planets. But she did not even try to look at the sun, although it might hurt her eyes anyway. How am I breathing? She thought again.

"Just another dream phew." She said under her breath.

In the morning she woke up and ran downstairs. She turned on the TV, It said there was no school due to snow.

"Yes!" I yelled so loudly that I woke up my brother and he came downstairs. He went over to the window, looked out and gave me a smile.

"Sissy, can we go play in the snow?" Simon asked

"Sure go get your winter clothes on and I will too." As soon as they got downstairs they went outside and had lots of fun.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Slendy's Character Sketch

This is a different creative writing project because I had my students read their character sketches instead of just having them write them.I really like the idea of hearing the students read their own writings. I think it gives me an insight into their voice.

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Computer Virus by Wade

This is the second Young Author Award winning entry for our fifth grade.

The Computer Virus written & illustrated by Wade

Chapter 1

Jared Ward was a scientist who was fairly well known in his county for winning three straight science fairs. The first time he won he made a computer powered by milk. It was made of wood. The second time he won, he had made a telescope made of gun parts. “Gooey, gooey, gooey,” the people said when they saw Jared’s third science experi-
ment. It was a slushy, contaminated gel. His friends told him it was genius, but they truly thought the only reason he won was because only six people entered the contest.

After winning the third science fair, Jared took a vacation to Vermont. There he went to the Albert Einstein Science Store and bought some Epsom salts, an evaporating dish, and various acids and chemicals. Next, Jared went to Frank’s Pranks and bought yellow, blue, and green slimes. Having returned from his vacation, Jared went straight to his science lab which was also his attic. He placed the green slime into a cup. Next, he poured hot water into the cup. He followed that with the yellow slime. Then he placed the acids and chemicals into the cup. Jared had to put the blue slime in, but he instantly remembered that he had to place the Epsom salts on the evaporating dish. He did just that, and waited for it to turn to salt crystals. Then he made a hole in the blue slime and poured the salt crystals in. After that, Jared put the cup of various ingredients under the heat lamp to melt into goo. After the goo developed, he placed both goos near the computer. The next day, May 18, 1907, was the day everything went wrong.

Chapter 2

Jared’s alarm clock awakened him, but he was so scared when he heard it that he knocked it over. When it fell, it hit the table with the two goos and computer on it. That caused the table to wobble which caused the milk and goos to fall. Jared was still sleepy so when he put the cups back onto the table, he put the milk wire for the computer into the goo. Now, instead of being powered by milk Jared’s computer is sucking contaminated goo into the system. Jared went downstairs to refill his spilled milk cup not knowing what he just did. After he got back to his room to pour the milk in the cup Jared turned on his computer. When it powered up, the screen turned the green color of the slime the computer took in. Then, it developed a pair of eyes, ears, a nose and mouth. Instantly, the green screen shrunk, grew legs and arms, and jumped out of the computer! When that happened, Jared screamed at the top of his lungs. The creature must have been frightened because he ran into the lab closet. Jared was able to trap it in a box. He took it to a bona fide scientist for identification. The scientist identified the creature as a Living Computer Virus. Frantically, the scientist picked up the box and let the creature go, afraid it would hurt him. The virus not only ran out of the lab, but out of the building entirely. It ran through the city demolishing everything on the way. “Get on the ground!” the people in the SWAT helicopter yelled. That made the virus furious, so it rampaged toward all of the forces in the air and on the ground.

Chapter 3

One of the Air Force officers got a mini gun and fired at the virus. On the ground the virus was trying its hardest to dodge the bullets but as it jumped out of the way of one bullet, it would be right in the way of another. Unfortunately, the virus got hit and exploded. Everyone in town figured out that Jared caused the incident and banned him from all future science fairs.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Left Out by Omar

This is the first of two stories selected from my class for Missouri Southern's Young Author Program.

Left Out

By Omar Salas

Chapter 1 Jake

One day there was a kid named Jake. He plays basketball. Basketball is his favorite sport. When he was in 5th grade he played in a basketball team, for his school. They were called Tigers. Now he’s in 6th grade he’s in the team. Their game is in 2 weeks. So Jake gets prepared. He exercises all day and eats healthy. But then 1 week before the game Jake and his family were going to the mall at 8:00. Jake’s dad was asking Jake if he was nervous. Jake said yes. Jake’s dad told him to pretend there was nobody there like last year, then another car came and they crashed.

Chapter 2 The Accident

Jake opened his eyes and saw his dad. He was bleeding. “Dad, Dad” Jake said.

“I love you” Jake’s dad said and closed his eyes.

He got off and a lot of people were coming. When ambulances came they picked up Jake and took him to the hospital. Jake didn’t have a broken arm or anything he just had scratches. He was happy he didn’t die but then remembered his dad. “Umm, nurse where are my parents?”

The nurse said that his parents died. Jake didn’t seem happy anymore. He went back to school and didn’t talk at all. Kids were making fun of him because his parents died and theirs didn’t. His coach asked him if he could still play. Jake said yes.

Jake had to move to his grandma’s house. Her house was 2 blocks away from the school. Jake would spend all day inside the house. It was the day for the game Jake tried not to think about his parents.

Chapter 3 The Game

Jake was sitting on the bench while others were playing. He saw others when they made the scores and they were waving to their parents. That made Jake remember about his parents and made him sad.

It was the end of the game, Tigers won 25 to 11. That made others happy but to Jake he was mad. He didn’t get to play at all. That made Jake feel like he was left out.

Chapter 4 Left Out

At school kids were making fun of him because he didn’t play in the game. Teachers forgot he was there. They even skipped him. There was practice today but he didn’t practice he just had to watch people practice.

On one game they won 37 to 24, another they won 42 to 39. On those two games he just played on the 4th quarter for 3 minutes.

Finally Jake told coach that he felt like he was lonely and left out. Coach asked why.

“I just feel left out and like invisible because nobody pays attention to me,” Jake said. Coach understood why he felt that way.

Chapter 5 The Last Game

It was time for the tournament and Noel was versus Anderson, last time they played each other Noel lost 14 to 16. Jake was sitting on the bench. Just then Coach asked if Jake wanted to play. Jake was happy that time. But then Anderson made a shot Noel was losing 27 to 39. It was half time, they were in the locker room.

Chapter 6 The Third Quarter

Now it was the 3rd quarter and 5 minutes. Jake passed it to his teammate but he missed but Jake rebounded and made it the score was now 29 to 39. Anderson was still winning by ten. 2 minutes later and the score was 37 to 45. 1 minute left in the 3rd quarter and Anderson made it. 30 seconds on the clock. Anderson was wasting time and it was 10 seconds when Jake stole the ball. 3 seconds were left and Jake made it.

“Yeah!” the crowd cheered. The score was 39 to 45.

Chapter 7 The Shot of Anderson

4th quarter was five minutes long. Somebody from Jake’s team passed it to Jake and shot a three pointer and made it.

“Yeah!” everyone shouted. The next 2 minutes Jake shot 3 pointers and made some of them. The score was 50 to 47. Noel was winning until an Anderson kid shot a 3 pointer and made it. Noel was scared because they were tied. 1 minute on the clock and the score was 50 to 50. Then the same kid made another 3 pointer. 22 seconds and Jake stole the ball and shot a 3 pointer. The score was tied 53 to 53.

3 seconds left Anderson had it, nobody blocked him so he shot from the half court and … he made it.

“Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!!!!!!” Anderson won. The score was 56 to 53. “Anderson 1st place !” a guy announced. “Noel 2nd place!” he continued, “Pineville 3rd place! 4th place Southwest City! Fifth place White Rock! 6th place Rocky Comfort!”

Coach said that the thing that matters isn’t winning, the thing that matter is your effort.

Where Would You Want Your Fossil to be Displayed?

Fourth grade students were studying fossils. I asked them to write me a paragraph about where they would want their fossilized body to be displayed. Shayla had the best paragraph.

The St. Louis museum because lots of people go there and the great arch is at St. Louis and I heard a lot of people like the St. Louis museum. My favorite place is the St Louis museum and I always wanted to go to the St. Louis museum. I think people would want to see a person's body that is a fossil. That is why I want my fossil body displayed in the St. Louis museum.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Strange Day in July

This story was inspired by the book The Mysteries of Harris Burdick by Chris Van Allsburg.

One day a boy named Isaac Martinez was going to meet his friend named Daniel. They were going to meet each other at the park and go to their tree house.

When they got there they went swimming, played football, and threw rocks to see who could make them skip the most. Isaac threw with all his might but the third rock came skipping back. Isaac ran into the woods.

From that day on Isaac was never heard of again. Daniel was, but you never saw him skipping rocks again!

by Robert

Monday, September 17, 2007

Descriptive Paragraphs

From a science assignment using qualitative observations while in a boat on a body of water.

I was sitting in the boat having a good time, suddenly I see a shark go by chasing a fish. Around afternoon birds are flying, snakes are slithering and fish are splashing. People are chattering. I smell steak and other foods. The wind feels soft, the water is cold.


One night I had a dream, a dream that I was going over the Gulf of Mexico in a boat. I saw dolphins jumping and the dark blue sea that seemed to be waving. I heard the gray seagulls squawking and the roaring of the loud engine of the boat. I could feel the cool of the morning breeze through my wavy hair and the splashing of the water in my cold hand. I could taste the salt of the dark sea and could smell the fresh air around me. It was a very good dream, though it wasn't real.


Uninvited Guest

This story was inspired by the book The Mysteries of Harris Burdick by Chris Van Allsburg.

He had just moved to a new town, in a new state, in a new house, but I'm not sure you can really call it new. Sal's new house was so old he thought it was built by a caveman.

His room was on the third floor. He had just finished putting his stuff in his room. Then he went down into the kitchen and got a glass of Sprite. Then he went out the door to get to know the new neighbors.

The first house he went to had a lady with nine kids. It was very crazy in that house, so he left in a heart-beat. The next house he went to there was an old man. They started talking, then the old old man started talking about a house that was hunted, and the house had the same address as his house.

He went back to his house and went down to the basement, the bottom floor. He saw a door as small as a six month old baby, maybe even smaller. His heart was pounding. He was sure he saw the doorknob turn. He could hear the doorknob cranck, clackity, rickity...... OPEN!!!! WOOOSH!!! A big burst of wind came wooshing out of the door. A scream in the night: AHHH!

The End (or is it? I don't know, you tell me.)

by Kiley

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Missing in Venice

This story was inspired by the book The Mysteries of Harris Burdick by Chris Van Allsburg.

Even with her mighty engines in reverse the ocean liner was pulled further and further into the canal.

When they took me I yelled, “Help me, this man is taking me!” I told my friend to help but he was sent there.

When I looked at his face he punched my then when I woke up I was not in a canal, instead I was in a ship, but the ship was flying in the air.

When I looked around I saw a long rope that can probably reach all the way to the ground.

Then I went into the house nearby. When I came in there was a zombie. It tried to get me. Then he got me!

When He took me he put me in a room that was dark and broken windows everywhere… but that wasn’t the end!

by Robert P

Captain Tory

This story was inspired by the book The Mysteries of Harris Burdick by Chris Van Allsburg.

He swung his lantern three times and slowly a schooner appeared. At first I thought I was seeing things, but then I realized I wasn’t!

When we got on the schooner he said, “This is your home for now.”

I asked where my room was and he said it was the last room on the right. He also handed me the key to my room.

When I opened the door I was amazed! I had a Gamecube and a Playstation 2 plus a tv.

My bed was a bunk bed. I wanted to sleep on the top because on the bottom was a cat and a dog. I had pets too!

This could not get any better!

by Dylan

Missing Missy

One morning I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock. I shut it off, got dressed, and went to the kitchen. I got a bowl of cereal, and went outside. It was very foggy outside.

My dog was waiting for me to get her some food. I got her some dog food, and put the food in her bowl. She took a bite and then we started playing.

After 40 minutes she got tired and so did I. Then we went inside and sat on the couch and watched Spy Kids 2.At the end of the day, Missy got in the doghouse and went to sleep.

The next day was the same routine, except this day was the first day of school. I was dressed and ready and waiting for the school bus. I was nervous and anxious to go to school at the same time.

As I got on the bus, I noticed that my best friend Mark was on. I walked over and sat down by him. We talked about games, TV shows, and legos but mainly legos.

We got of the bus and headed to class. We worked all day except for during lunch and recess. At recess Mark, Checota, Jake, and I played soccer. After school, I went home and I was really tired. Even though I was tired I still played with my dog, went hunting, and played my PS2.

The next day I got up and got dressed and went outside. It was dark like it was still midnight. I ran down the driveway just as the bus went by. I heard another vehicle coming. I saw Mark in the vehicle. He must have missed the bus too! He said his mom would take us to school.

On the way to school he gave me a bracelet. He said it was a friendship bracelet. I put it on. After he gave it to me I was surprised that he didn’t say anything. When we got to school we got out of the vehicle and walked in. We worked until lunch and then went to recess. I didn’t play soccer or tag, instead I played basketball. I went to get on the bus right after recess.

That night I stayed up until 10:00 PM. I had fallen asleep while watching Scary Movie. The next day I awoke, but not to my alarm. Instead it was to my dog. She was barking out my window at a red squirrel. It was very sunny, and noisy.

I got up and put on some shorts, a shirt, and a hat. I went outside and let the dog out. Then after she did her business we went inside and watched TV for most of the day. I fell asleep while watching a movie.

I woke up the next day on the couch. I got up and went outside called and waited for Missy to come. She didn’t come. I called again. She still didn’t come. I guessed she went to go play in the woods.

The next day I got ready and got on the bus. I was worried about Missy. I sat down by Mark. We talked a little. I got off the bus and I went to class. I was worried more at lunch. I went social studies and did my work without worrying about her. We went to recess and this time I wasn’t worried, I was anxious to play with her.
After recess while I was getting my things I felt sick. I got on the bus and sat down. I was anxious to play with Missy as I got off the bus. I looked down road and saw something black like tire. As I got closer I was scared, no horrified!
I told my mom Missy was dead. She told me it was okay and we would bury her outside my bedroom. I was mad at the idiot who hit my dog, and sad that she was gone. I had lost a friend, not just a friend my best friend.

by Dylan


My sister had a friend named Daniel. He wanted to play soccer. Daniel asked my dad if he could play soccer, my dad told him yes.

He was so excited! Daniel asked Edith if he had to pay for the uniform and Edith told him that she didn’t know. She asked me and I told her no.

After that he asked us if we wanted a pit-bull and we said yes. He told us how it looked. The puppy was light brown and his paws were white. It looked like the last dog I had.

At first the dog was scared because he didn’t know us. He did not like water so we gave him milk. My mom carried him like a baby. It looked funny because she gave him milk in a bottle. The puppy was so small that it looked like a football.

We kept him inside for a month. First we gave him a bath, but he didn’t like it. Next, my sister had a basket so we decided to make it his home. We tried to find a little cover for the basket.

We kept him in the restroom 4 weeks, but we didn’t like keeping him in the restroom because he would always make a mess. Good thing it was Summer School because he wouldn’t let us sleep!

We decided to put him outside. My sister didn’t want to clean the mess, but I felt bad because she wanted a dog too.

I was so excited when he was growing up! I thought when he was big he would be able to protect the house. I want the dog to be big so when I went to play basket ball I could take him with me.

In three weeks my sister told me we were going to go to Rodgers. I saw this store in Rodgers called Petco. I asked my sister if we could go, she said we could go next week. I was so glad that we could take the puppy in.

When I first went in, I saw colorful birds. My sister took me to the dog stuff. First, I was looking for dog food. My sister told me no because we get it in the other store. . I felt sad because he needed food.

I went with Edith to see some snakes, scorpions, tarantulas, and iguanas. I was scared seeing all those kind of animals. I was finding a costume for Chico, the dog, but we didn’t find any.

Later we went to a restaurant called Pandas. We told the cashier that the food was to go and Daniel and I was going to share the food. Claudia was picking her own food to eat and Edith and Alex were sharing too .Daniel and I got more than Claudia because we were pigs.

After we got the food we went to a park. We decided which table we wanted to sit on. We picked the first one.

The food tasted so good that we ate all of the food, when I was done I said that the food was delicious! I thought Daniel and I were having an eating competition. I didn’t like where I was sitting. Daniel picked food that I didn’t like; we also gave a cookie that we bought from Petco to Chico.

All around the table was cement. The park had swings, basketball hoop, and lots of trees. After we finish eating we were getting prepared to go home.

Claudia started the car and everyone was in except me. Claudia reversed the car when I wasn’t in. After that Claudia stop everybody was laughing even me. I was so scared! It took us 40 minutes to get home.

By Norberto

My Trip to California

On July 24 of 2006, my Mom and I were headed to North West Arkansas airport. I was so excited I could almost picture getting on the plan. When we got inside the airport my Mom and I went to the counter to pick up our tickets. When I got my ticket in hand, I was so excited I quickly looked for my seat number. It said 12.

After thirty minutes on the plane my Mom told me, “Here comes the flight attendant”.

When the flight attendant arrived where my mom and I were she asked my Mom “What

would you like to drink?” “

“Pepsi would be fine.”

Then the flight attend asked me, “What would you like to drink?” “

“Sprite would be fine” I told her.

The flight attendant announced that the plane would be landing in ten minutes in the Dallas Forth Worth Airport, in Texas, and everyone needed to put on their seat-belts.

After half an hour my Mom and I were still trying to find the gate for the plane was going to Los Angeles. The gate number was C3. When my mom and I arrived at the gate my Mom and I looked for a seat.

After an hour, my Mom and I were on the plane. The flight attendant served the drinks and the snacks.

The plane only needed 30 more minutes to arrive at the Los Angeles airport. I was bored on the plane. There was nothing to do on the plane.

I was so happy and excited when the flight attendant announced that the plane would be landing in nine minutes! When my Mom and I arrived at the Los Angeles airport, I was so excited I couldn’t wait to see my aunt Emmy.

My mom and I went to pick up our luggage, and wile we were picking up our luggage

we saw aunt Emmy standing there looking for us. My aunt saw us, and then we went to where we pick up our luggage.

After we got inside my Aunt’s car she asked us if we were hungry, if so she would take us to eat.

My mom said, “No thank you, we ate some snacks on the plane.”

My aunt took us to where she lives. The house is on 60th Broadway Street. She lives next to the freeway.

The next day my Mom and I ate breakfast with the rest of the family that lived in the

house. There was five grown-ups, one baby of eleven months, one baby one year old,

and me.

After Mom and I were finished eating breakfast we went shopping. We shopped for

four days, sometimes my aunt Emmy would go too.

After four days of shopping with my mom my aunt Emmy. They talked about Universal Studios. When my aunt finished talking about Universal Studios she asked if we wanted to go to Universal Studios.

My mom said “No” very calmly. I felt sad and kind of mad. I wanted to scream but I didn’t.

I went outside to get some air and think about why mom didn’t wanted to go. I thought maybe it is too expensive. I wonder, “Why didn’t my mom want to go to Universal Studios?”

I went to open the door, but my aunt Emmy and mom were still talking.

My aunt heard when I was about to open the door, and said “Ana come here. Can you hold Jason for a moment please?” I went inside pick up Jason until they were finished talking.

When my mom and aunt Emmy were finished talking I gave Jason back to my aunt to hold. I looked up to my mom and she said only one word, “Yes!”

I was so happy I could feel the tears coming down my check from happiness!

I sat down on the couch with my mom and said “How did Aunt Emmy convince you to go to Universal Studios?” My mom said, “Well you know how your Aunt Emmy is! She said it will be fun and that you will have a good time in Universal Studios.”

I looked up at my aunt Emmy and said “How do you do that?”

“About what?” asked my aunt Emmy confused?

“How you convince people to do something?”

“Well you know me!” said my aunt Emmy with a smile on her face.

After a few minutes my aunt told my mom, “Do you have any more shopping to do’ because we will be leaving at 9:30 AM from the house to get to Universal Studios by 10:10.”

My mom said “No I don’t and thank you.”

After a good night sleep I woke up at 6:15 in the morning. I woke up, well I didn’t really wake myself up, my cousin Jason woke me up by throwing his bottle right at me.

After my mom saw me awake, she told me, “Go take a bath now, because your aunt, Jason, and uncle still have to take a bath.

After a cool bath, I quickly got dressed and combed my hair. I quickly went to the kitchen to eat breakfast.

I saw my mom washing dishes, and asked she me what I would like to have for breakfast.

“Cereal would be fine,” I said to her.

After my aunt Emmy was finished taking a bath, she prepared Jason’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the day.

When all of us were ready and packed up for the day we got in the car. I was so excited when my aunt was driving, I could imagine seeing the Universal Studios sign!

After ten minutes in the car, I saw the Universal Studios sign, and I was excited! My Uncle Luis could even hear me scream in my head from happiness!

When we got to the Universal Studios we got in line to get our tickets. After thirty minutes in line it was our turn! We bought five tickets; one for my mom, aunt Emmy, for my Uncle Luis, for Jason, and one for me.

Before my aunt could even say “That would be all,” the clerk asked, “Would you guys like to try the new all you can eat pass? It is a pass where you go to a certain restaurant and show the pass and it will be free. It only cost $19.95 each.”

My Aunt Emmy looked at my mom. My mom looked at my aunt Emmy and said “that is fine with me,” my aunt said. “I’ll take two passes, please”.

The clerk said “Ok, the total will be $350.00”. My mom said, “Why don’t I pay half and you will pay half too.”

My aunt said, “That’s fine with me.”

“Emmy and Ana will have the all you can eat pass.”

My aunt said to me, “Ok, let's go.” To my mother she said, “Ana and I will come and pick up them and show them where we are.”

“That is fine with me,” I said.

My aunt and I went one of the restaurants that would accept the all you can eat passes. When we got in line, and trust me it was a long line to get where the food was; I could smell the delicious food!

When it was our turn, we had to get a tray where we put our food. The lady told us we could have a main dish, a salad, a cookie, a dessert, and a coke. I choose pepperoni pizza, a salad, a chocolate cookie, and a chocolate ice cream. It smelled so good it even made me hungrier!

When my aunt and I found a table to sit at she said, “I’ll be back in a moment. I have to go where your mom is so they can come where we are and eat with us.”

I felt a little scared. I was looking to see if my aunt was coming to where we were sitting. When I saw them, I felt much better and not so scared.

When they got to the table I asked my mom, “What would you like to eat, Mom? Do you want something off my tray?”

“No, that’s ok. I just want the salad,” she said.

My Uncle Luis went in line to get another tray.

“When I get to the counter I want you to come and show the pass to the lady, ok?” he said to me when he was going to get the tray.

When he got to the counter he gave me the signal. I showed the pass to the clerk.

My uncle and I went back to the table, and all of us ate except my Aunt Emmy. She barely ate because she was giving food to Jason.

When we were all finished eating we took some pictures and went to lot of rides!

We got to the final ride; it was called “Jurassic Park”. My mom, Uncle Luis, and I got on the ride; my aunt had to wait outside with Jason.

When we got on the ride I felt so happy, but kind of scared because it was my first time getting on this ride.

We got wet and we saw bunch of dinosaurs. Some dinosaurs sprayed water on us. We were on a cart were 12 peoples could fit. When we got the end there was a big T-Rex that looked like it was dead. When we got close to it, it immediately woke up and it screamed! It looked like it was going to eat us, but it didn’t. It was so dark you could barely see.

There was a hill that was 80 feet long where the cart goes down, and it goes fast! When the cart when down the hill I was scared! I screamed so loud my mom and uncle stared to scream too. I felt so scared that I asked myself “When is this ride going to end?” but when we got to the bottom I felt better, even though we were very wet.

After we got off the ride we went to a restaurant where they sell hamburger, French fries, salad, and chocolate ice cream. It smelled good!

After we were finished eating we went to a store where they sell candy, T-shirts, cups, toys, and all that stuff. My mom bought me a cup that said ANA.

When we were finished shopping we went to the exit, and headed to the car. It was 10:00 PM, and I was so tired and sleepy. I was so happy that we went to Universal Studios! I told my mom and aunt thank you, and then I fell asleep.

By Ana H.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Just Desert

This story was inspired by the book The Mysteries of Harris Burdick by Chris Van Allsburg.

Once upon a time there was a lady named Carry Johnston. Villagers always told her weird stuff happened in that village, but Carry never believed them because she didn't believe in ghosts. The villagers told Carry not to go out in the dark at midnight because ghosts could appear. Carry still didn't believe them so Carry told them she would prove to them that there were no such things as ghosts.

At midnight she went out into the dark. She wasn't scared at all and stayed there for 30 minutes. The next day she went to tell the villagers what she had done. The villagers did not believe her, the invited her for dinner. Carry decided to go.

When the villagers and her sat to eat they told her the story of the pumpkin that got brighter and brighter every time someone tried to cook it or cut it into pieces. Carry still didn't believe them she thought that they were trying to scare her.

The next week she decided to buy a pumpkin for desert, so she did. Carry sat down at the table and grabbed a knife. Carry remembered what the villagers had told her. Suddenly she saw a light coming from the pumpkin!. When she lowered the knife it grew even brighter. Then she realized the villagers were right.

The next day she went to apologize the the villagers. From that day on she never bought a pumpkin again.

Story by Cendy G