Saturday, September 8, 2007

My Trip to California

On July 24 of 2006, my Mom and I were headed to North West Arkansas airport. I was so excited I could almost picture getting on the plan. When we got inside the airport my Mom and I went to the counter to pick up our tickets. When I got my ticket in hand, I was so excited I quickly looked for my seat number. It said 12.

After thirty minutes on the plane my Mom told me, “Here comes the flight attendant”.

When the flight attendant arrived where my mom and I were she asked my Mom “What

would you like to drink?” “

“Pepsi would be fine.”

Then the flight attend asked me, “What would you like to drink?” “

“Sprite would be fine” I told her.

The flight attendant announced that the plane would be landing in ten minutes in the Dallas Forth Worth Airport, in Texas, and everyone needed to put on their seat-belts.

After half an hour my Mom and I were still trying to find the gate for the plane was going to Los Angeles. The gate number was C3. When my mom and I arrived at the gate my Mom and I looked for a seat.

After an hour, my Mom and I were on the plane. The flight attendant served the drinks and the snacks.

The plane only needed 30 more minutes to arrive at the Los Angeles airport. I was bored on the plane. There was nothing to do on the plane.

I was so happy and excited when the flight attendant announced that the plane would be landing in nine minutes! When my Mom and I arrived at the Los Angeles airport, I was so excited I couldn’t wait to see my aunt Emmy.

My mom and I went to pick up our luggage, and wile we were picking up our luggage

we saw aunt Emmy standing there looking for us. My aunt saw us, and then we went to where we pick up our luggage.

After we got inside my Aunt’s car she asked us if we were hungry, if so she would take us to eat.

My mom said, “No thank you, we ate some snacks on the plane.”

My aunt took us to where she lives. The house is on 60th Broadway Street. She lives next to the freeway.

The next day my Mom and I ate breakfast with the rest of the family that lived in the

house. There was five grown-ups, one baby of eleven months, one baby one year old,

and me.

After Mom and I were finished eating breakfast we went shopping. We shopped for

four days, sometimes my aunt Emmy would go too.

After four days of shopping with my mom my aunt Emmy. They talked about Universal Studios. When my aunt finished talking about Universal Studios she asked if we wanted to go to Universal Studios.

My mom said “No” very calmly. I felt sad and kind of mad. I wanted to scream but I didn’t.

I went outside to get some air and think about why mom didn’t wanted to go. I thought maybe it is too expensive. I wonder, “Why didn’t my mom want to go to Universal Studios?”

I went to open the door, but my aunt Emmy and mom were still talking.

My aunt heard when I was about to open the door, and said “Ana come here. Can you hold Jason for a moment please?” I went inside pick up Jason until they were finished talking.

When my mom and aunt Emmy were finished talking I gave Jason back to my aunt to hold. I looked up to my mom and she said only one word, “Yes!”

I was so happy I could feel the tears coming down my check from happiness!

I sat down on the couch with my mom and said “How did Aunt Emmy convince you to go to Universal Studios?” My mom said, “Well you know how your Aunt Emmy is! She said it will be fun and that you will have a good time in Universal Studios.”

I looked up at my aunt Emmy and said “How do you do that?”

“About what?” asked my aunt Emmy confused?

“How you convince people to do something?”

“Well you know me!” said my aunt Emmy with a smile on her face.

After a few minutes my aunt told my mom, “Do you have any more shopping to do’ because we will be leaving at 9:30 AM from the house to get to Universal Studios by 10:10.”

My mom said “No I don’t and thank you.”

After a good night sleep I woke up at 6:15 in the morning. I woke up, well I didn’t really wake myself up, my cousin Jason woke me up by throwing his bottle right at me.

After my mom saw me awake, she told me, “Go take a bath now, because your aunt, Jason, and uncle still have to take a bath.

After a cool bath, I quickly got dressed and combed my hair. I quickly went to the kitchen to eat breakfast.

I saw my mom washing dishes, and asked she me what I would like to have for breakfast.

“Cereal would be fine,” I said to her.

After my aunt Emmy was finished taking a bath, she prepared Jason’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the day.

When all of us were ready and packed up for the day we got in the car. I was so excited when my aunt was driving, I could imagine seeing the Universal Studios sign!

After ten minutes in the car, I saw the Universal Studios sign, and I was excited! My Uncle Luis could even hear me scream in my head from happiness!

When we got to the Universal Studios we got in line to get our tickets. After thirty minutes in line it was our turn! We bought five tickets; one for my mom, aunt Emmy, for my Uncle Luis, for Jason, and one for me.

Before my aunt could even say “That would be all,” the clerk asked, “Would you guys like to try the new all you can eat pass? It is a pass where you go to a certain restaurant and show the pass and it will be free. It only cost $19.95 each.”

My Aunt Emmy looked at my mom. My mom looked at my aunt Emmy and said “that is fine with me,” my aunt said. “I’ll take two passes, please”.

The clerk said “Ok, the total will be $350.00”. My mom said, “Why don’t I pay half and you will pay half too.”

My aunt said, “That’s fine with me.”

“Emmy and Ana will have the all you can eat pass.”

My aunt said to me, “Ok, let's go.” To my mother she said, “Ana and I will come and pick up them and show them where we are.”

“That is fine with me,” I said.

My aunt and I went one of the restaurants that would accept the all you can eat passes. When we got in line, and trust me it was a long line to get where the food was; I could smell the delicious food!

When it was our turn, we had to get a tray where we put our food. The lady told us we could have a main dish, a salad, a cookie, a dessert, and a coke. I choose pepperoni pizza, a salad, a chocolate cookie, and a chocolate ice cream. It smelled so good it even made me hungrier!

When my aunt and I found a table to sit at she said, “I’ll be back in a moment. I have to go where your mom is so they can come where we are and eat with us.”

I felt a little scared. I was looking to see if my aunt was coming to where we were sitting. When I saw them, I felt much better and not so scared.

When they got to the table I asked my mom, “What would you like to eat, Mom? Do you want something off my tray?”

“No, that’s ok. I just want the salad,” she said.

My Uncle Luis went in line to get another tray.

“When I get to the counter I want you to come and show the pass to the lady, ok?” he said to me when he was going to get the tray.

When he got to the counter he gave me the signal. I showed the pass to the clerk.

My uncle and I went back to the table, and all of us ate except my Aunt Emmy. She barely ate because she was giving food to Jason.

When we were all finished eating we took some pictures and went to lot of rides!

We got to the final ride; it was called “Jurassic Park”. My mom, Uncle Luis, and I got on the ride; my aunt had to wait outside with Jason.

When we got on the ride I felt so happy, but kind of scared because it was my first time getting on this ride.

We got wet and we saw bunch of dinosaurs. Some dinosaurs sprayed water on us. We were on a cart were 12 peoples could fit. When we got the end there was a big T-Rex that looked like it was dead. When we got close to it, it immediately woke up and it screamed! It looked like it was going to eat us, but it didn’t. It was so dark you could barely see.

There was a hill that was 80 feet long where the cart goes down, and it goes fast! When the cart when down the hill I was scared! I screamed so loud my mom and uncle stared to scream too. I felt so scared that I asked myself “When is this ride going to end?” but when we got to the bottom I felt better, even though we were very wet.

After we got off the ride we went to a restaurant where they sell hamburger, French fries, salad, and chocolate ice cream. It smelled good!

After we were finished eating we went to a store where they sell candy, T-shirts, cups, toys, and all that stuff. My mom bought me a cup that said ANA.

When we were finished shopping we went to the exit, and headed to the car. It was 10:00 PM, and I was so tired and sleepy. I was so happy that we went to Universal Studios! I told my mom and aunt thank you, and then I fell asleep.

By Ana H.


Ben said...

We don't want to hear about YOUR life thats long enough to be 2 peoples lives!

Cendy said...

WOW!!! You wrote a very long story Ana!How long did it take you??I would
write a story but not that long!!I would be too lazy anyway!!

Kris said...

Good for people to know.