Saturday, September 8, 2007


My sister had a friend named Daniel. He wanted to play soccer. Daniel asked my dad if he could play soccer, my dad told him yes.

He was so excited! Daniel asked Edith if he had to pay for the uniform and Edith told him that she didn’t know. She asked me and I told her no.

After that he asked us if we wanted a pit-bull and we said yes. He told us how it looked. The puppy was light brown and his paws were white. It looked like the last dog I had.

At first the dog was scared because he didn’t know us. He did not like water so we gave him milk. My mom carried him like a baby. It looked funny because she gave him milk in a bottle. The puppy was so small that it looked like a football.

We kept him inside for a month. First we gave him a bath, but he didn’t like it. Next, my sister had a basket so we decided to make it his home. We tried to find a little cover for the basket.

We kept him in the restroom 4 weeks, but we didn’t like keeping him in the restroom because he would always make a mess. Good thing it was Summer School because he wouldn’t let us sleep!

We decided to put him outside. My sister didn’t want to clean the mess, but I felt bad because she wanted a dog too.

I was so excited when he was growing up! I thought when he was big he would be able to protect the house. I want the dog to be big so when I went to play basket ball I could take him with me.

In three weeks my sister told me we were going to go to Rodgers. I saw this store in Rodgers called Petco. I asked my sister if we could go, she said we could go next week. I was so glad that we could take the puppy in.

When I first went in, I saw colorful birds. My sister took me to the dog stuff. First, I was looking for dog food. My sister told me no because we get it in the other store. . I felt sad because he needed food.

I went with Edith to see some snakes, scorpions, tarantulas, and iguanas. I was scared seeing all those kind of animals. I was finding a costume for Chico, the dog, but we didn’t find any.

Later we went to a restaurant called Pandas. We told the cashier that the food was to go and Daniel and I was going to share the food. Claudia was picking her own food to eat and Edith and Alex were sharing too .Daniel and I got more than Claudia because we were pigs.

After we got the food we went to a park. We decided which table we wanted to sit on. We picked the first one.

The food tasted so good that we ate all of the food, when I was done I said that the food was delicious! I thought Daniel and I were having an eating competition. I didn’t like where I was sitting. Daniel picked food that I didn’t like; we also gave a cookie that we bought from Petco to Chico.

All around the table was cement. The park had swings, basketball hoop, and lots of trees. After we finish eating we were getting prepared to go home.

Claudia started the car and everyone was in except me. Claudia reversed the car when I wasn’t in. After that Claudia stop everybody was laughing even me. I was so scared! It took us 40 minutes to get home.

By Norberto

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