Monday, September 17, 2007

Descriptive Paragraphs

From a science assignment using qualitative observations while in a boat on a body of water.

I was sitting in the boat having a good time, suddenly I see a shark go by chasing a fish. Around afternoon birds are flying, snakes are slithering and fish are splashing. People are chattering. I smell steak and other foods. The wind feels soft, the water is cold.


One night I had a dream, a dream that I was going over the Gulf of Mexico in a boat. I saw dolphins jumping and the dark blue sea that seemed to be waving. I heard the gray seagulls squawking and the roaring of the loud engine of the boat. I could feel the cool of the morning breeze through my wavy hair and the splashing of the water in my cold hand. I could taste the salt of the dark sea and could smell the fresh air around me. It was a very good dream, though it wasn't real.



Colby said...

Who the heck leaves a ps2 an x box and two animals on a ship like that? no really because i don't know.

Colby said...

sorry wrong story :)