Monday, August 25, 2008

Slendy's Character Sketch

This is a different creative writing project because I had my students read their character sketches instead of just having them write them.I really like the idea of hearing the students read their own writings. I think it gives me an insight into their voice.


Anonymous said...

slendy's person that she was talking about was SOOOO there i think your class got the write anser mister

Karen said...

That was a really nice description of someone. Well done.
Miss Ferguson
Tamaki College - Auckland New Zealand.

Mrs. Edmison's Class said...

We love the idea of video taping your character sketches. We are going to try that next time. Great writing!

Mrs. Edmison's Class
Atlanta, GA, USA

room 18 said...

Well done! I also love the idea of recording students reading out their work as a way of sharing online.

You have a really cool class blog!

Mrs Lagitupu
Room 18
Pt England School